Statement on the TRUTH Social @Q Account

We are aware of the @Q account on TRUTH Social. At this point in time (3/10/2022):

  • Although it appears, for a variety of reasons, that this very well may be the Q team posting on TRUTH Social, at this point no one is able to absolutely confirm this. Perhaps Q, when the time is right, will verify via a post to 8kun or the @RealDonaldTrump account will confirm via a 0 delta or some other method. There is however also the slight possibility that this account was created to, in essense, either troll the media or simply have fun beta testing. Remember, we are in an information war.
  • There is also the possibility, assuming this is the real Q team, that they prefer the masses go to TRUTH Social in order to read, follow and get notifications of posts by the @Q account. The main reason Q aggregators scraped and aggregated prior Q posts was because finding and reading them on the chans was a nightmare for the average person. TRUTH Social mitigates this issue. This is not to say that Q post aggregators will not add TRUTH Social @Q truths to the list of Q drops. Assuming the @Q account verifies, it would be important to aggregate them into one place, along with the prior drops, for historic and research purposes.
  • Top KEKThe account doesn't appear to be posting any ground breaking information (yet). For the most part it seems to be doing a lot of TRUTH Social beta testing with banter between other accounts such as @DanScavino, @Kash, etc. Assuming this is the real Q, chances are, when the masses make their way over to TRUTH Social, and it is operational go time, the banter will stop and truths with great substance as well as various documentation will then be posted. Remember, TRUTH Social is still in the development and beta testing stages. The chances of @Q posting anything of critical importance before the masses make it to TRUTH Social, one would think would be slim to none. With that being said, it does seem to make logical sense that for a Q team return, they would return to a platform immune from censorship, easy for the average person to follow, and a platform that they have some control of, whether directly or indirectly via trusted allies. Note: The @truthsupport truth shown in the screenshot has since been deleted.
  • Technically speaking, there is no apparent way to automatically scrape the truths from the @Q account in order to aggregate them into the site. Until TRUTH Social opens up (unauthenticated) web access to user pages, example:, as opposed to only app access, it would be difficult to scrape truths for accounts. This could also be by design in order to mitigate robotic web based attacks on the site.

Remember, we have no insider information. We will continue to monitor the situation.

Those without TRUTH Social who wish to follow the @Q truths, Praying Medic does videos about the @Q truths on Also, is manually aggregating them under "Truth" and "Others".

Enjoy the show. @qalerts on TRUTH Social.